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Well, it advanced without arriving at its goal. In the long run it will have benefited greatly from the multidisciplinary excitement of a year at the Wissenschaftskolleg. For that, and to all who contributed to the continuing intellectual ferment of our stay in Berlin, I am truly grateful. Schade, dass sie nicht die ganze Zeit dabei sein konnte. Eine Art Mitte und Vermittlung fiel der Kunstgeschichte zu, weil sie als ein enormes Archiv von in Bildwerken dokumentierten zerebralen Einstellungen verstanden werden kann. His research deals with various aspects of social networks and social contagion.

From the very beginning, the Wiko staff handled almost every practical detail you can think of with great care and efficiency; helping me to office facilities and a place to stay, dealing with authorities, putting us in contact with day-care facilities, child paediatrician, etc. Nevertheless, we spent the first months almost exclusively getting the family going on some sort of normal pace and routine.

What little energy that could be mustered after driving to and fro and getting lost in and around Berlin during days and weekends, the intensive German class squeezed out of Carina and me. Our classes were true bonding agents, and the ties that were formed during these first six weeks remained with us during the year. But even as we entered the more relaxed pace of German studies, in my case only 1. For Carina, bringing life back into her old German was one of the greatest joys of our stay. Our struggles with this beautiful but difficult language will arbeitsberichte Anyhow, I really didn t begin to seriously pursue academic work until the official Fellow year began, which was in early October.

I came to the institute with a dawning book project on the Matthew effect. The fundamental idea behind this project was proposed some 40 years ago by Robert K. He used it with reference to the reward system in science, which he characterised by pointing to a well-known quotation from the Gospel of St.

Matthew that says: Unto every one that hath shall be given and he shall have in abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath. In many respects, Wiko is an ideal spot to contemplate Merton s theory of the distribution of rewards. Where else, if not at an institute like this, can you observe the phenomenon that it is the already rewarded who receive further rewards and acknowledgements? With some exceptions for the young and promising, you will not pass the doorstep to an Institute for Advanced Study unless you are already someone. Part of being someone, by the way, includes prior fellowships at Institutes for Advanced Study.

And as this year came to an end, you could already notice Fellows contemplating which institute would be a nice place for their next sabbatical. Other, more fortunate Fellows actually made the transfer directly. My interest in this project, however, lies not in the reward system in science in particular but rather in the process itself, which I conceive of as a more general mechanism of positive feedback that generates stratification in social systems. I was happy to learn early on that the only other sociologist among this year s Fellows was working on a problem that somewhat overlaps with mine, namely that of inclusion and exclusion.

Our approaches to sociology lay far enough apart to ensure peaceful coexistence, but were at the same time close enough for me to learn and benefit plenty from his wonderful sociological style and imagination during the whole year. On a more abstract level, several of the other Fellows worked on topics that apparently coincide with my interest in feedback processes; these ranged over several topics from evolutionary biology to the history of law.

A set of case studies on social segregation, network evolution and small-group interactions is to form the core of my analysis of the Matthew effect. The section on small-groupinteraction starts with social life in extreme social environments. I therefore spent a large part of the fall and winter reading on concentration camps and especially eyewitness accounts from the Nazi camps. This is disturbing and uncomfortable reading, of course, and I spent more time on it than I had planned.

I thus believe the detour was worthwhile, but it is unclear to me at the moment whether this will not actually form a topic of its own. I made less progress on other parts of the study that I had tentatively drawn up prior to my arrival, but instead worked on a number of other problems dealing with network analysis. One of these is a very large-scale analysis of the so-called small-world effect, which claims that we are allegedly all connected through a chain of only five intermediaries, which promises to be interesting. Another one is an analysis of the evolution of the strategic positions in the network of interlocking directorates focusing on female directors.

In parallel, I have worked on a set of new project ideas, which have been and will be proposed to various funding agents. It is my intention that at least one of these projects will develop in collaboration with other Wiko Fellows of this year. An Institute for Advanced Study really is a remarkable institution. For a while I contemplated writing this report as a discourse on egocentrism and narcissism: At times I had an unpleasant feeling of being trapped with a group of people all calling out at once to secure attention for their own needs, views, obsessions, opinions and what have you; incapable of considering a perspective different from their own and completely in love with the logic of their own rhetoric and the sound of their own voices.

Actually, one of the really good things about a heterogenous group of academic egocentrics is that you learn a lot from just being around them. Needless to say substantially there s just no end to the diversity of topics but maybe more importantly about all the differences between academic styles and small nuances in scholarly and scientific cultures. To dwell among this amazing group of egocentrics was like an extended browsing visit to a breathing, eating and drinking library. For one year I was free to enjoy so many lectures, presentations, discussions and some disputes; and to consult with or not consult with scholars whom I would otherwise not have met and in possession of knowledge that I would not otherwise have sought.

I leave Wiko with a much clearer sense of my own place in the temple of learning; an essential asset in future scholarly exchange, I like to believe. It is hard to think of any other arena where you could actually develop these sensitivities. And I think one could argue that it is crucial for the advancement of learning to get to know your own research better in this way.

Box , Jerusalem, , Israel. The two months June July that I spent at Wiko in were among the most relaxing and stimulating ones that I have experienced in many years. When I came in the beginning of June after a period of rather intensive work that was also combined with some health problems, I did not know what exactly to expect, either in terms of conditions of living technical support framework or of relations with Wiko Fellows, most of whom were already there from the beginning of the academic year.

With respect to these problems I encountered a series of extremely pleasant surprises the staff of Wiko was extremely supportive in arranging the physical conditions of my stay. The apartment was wonderful and all the arrangements from arranging for help in the apartment to the provision of meals from the Institute and the wonderful personal attitude and solicitude of the staff made the stay very easy and comfortable.

At the same time the contact with other Fellows proved to be most stimulating new horizons were opened up and continual discussion proved to be of great interest for which I am deeply grateful. All these helped me very much in my work on several themes, among them the analysis of civil society the topic on which I also gave my lecture on The Non-Liberal Civil Society. The focus of this lecture was a critical examination of the prevalent conception of civil society, in which the core of civil society was perceived as being in the activities of individuals bearing natural rights disembedded from ascriptive, religious or corporate frameworks, acting as free agents in the public sphere, with a strong secular orientation and religion relegated to the private sphere.

These activities were above all pursued in voluntary associations and the individuals pursuing them were also seen as the source of legitimation of political actions and regimes. The liberal conception of civil society as the harbinger of democracy and of economic development became intensified and to some extent transformed with the emergence of a neo-liberalism and its expansion throughout the world, quite often depicted as the epitome of successful globalisation.

It was promulgated above all by many aid and development agencies as well as by NGOs especially in Eastern European, Asian and African countries. In this conception of civil society, governmental activities had to be minimised, creating broad spaces for free voluntary activities and for the market economy, which in its turn would also reinforce the development of such spaces. Several assumptions have been inherent in this discourse civil society. One was that civil society constitutes an autonomous ontological entity confronting another such entity the state and possibly also the market; second, that there is a contradiction between vibrant civil society and a strong state, i.

Fourth, there often loomed also an implicit but sometimes even an explicit assumption, to be found also in many theories of modernisation, that these basic characteristics of a full-fledged civil society will be basically similar in all modern societies.

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Among the most important of such developments have been first, the overall experience of Indian democracy; a very vibrant democratic system in which different groups above all, different highly transformed caste or communal groups played a very important role in promoting the democratic process. Second, several Islamistic, especially feminist Islamist movements in many Near and Middle-East countries movements that are obviously religious do not accept the liberal premises of the sovereignty of the individual, but at the same time they promulgate strong claims for different groups and individuals to have autonomous interpretations of religious tenets and practices; they strongly emphasise the importance of individual religious sensibility and they promulgate the constitution of new social and public spaces independent from the state and from the religious establishments.

The third series of developments challenging the assumption of the liberal conception of civil society comes from the experience of the impact of the different NGOs and development agencies that, in societies in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Central Asia or Africa, propagate the development of voluntaristic agencies based on purely individualistic premises and of neo-liberal economic assumptions and that often give rise to new clientistic relations and which are also determined by economic developments. All these illustrations and many others clearly indicate that many of the assumptions of the liberal or neo-liberal conceptions of civil society, especially the assumptions about the relations between the development of distinct types of individualistic voluntary activities and the extension of autonomous political participation and democratic practices, do not hold and indeed have to be critically re-examined.

During my stay at Wiko I focused on the analysis of and hope to continue to work on the implication of these developments for the comparative study of civil society within the frameworks of the general problems of multiple modernities. In this I was greatly stimulated by many discussions at Wiko. Schade eigentlich, dass der Romanist anders als der Komponist der von sich sagen kann, er komponiere keine Verbform sein Eigen nennen darf.

Mein Projekt? Geisteswissenschaft also, Romanistik.

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Sie sind Fellow am Wiko? Also: Willkommen, bienvenus, welcome! Ich brauche einige Zeit, bevor mir klar wird: Sollte es in einem anderen Jahr ein Roman und keine Kurzgeschichte werden, dann muss er den Titel Die Spirale des Vico tragen. Alles kehrt wieder, doch auf arbeitsberichte Die Spirale begleitet mich das ganze Jahr hindurch, heiter, gelassen, im Rhythmus. Vierter Beginn Kommst du voran mit deinem Projekt? Ich bin nicht ins Wissenschaftskolleg gekommen, um es mit einem neuen Buch in der Hand wieder zu verlassen. Aber hast du jetzt nicht unendlich viel Zeit?

Wo beginnen? Eloge de la conversation. Denn eine Chance, noch einmal, vielleicht unter einem Pseudonym, ans Wiko geladen zu werden und somit noch einmal von vorne zu beginnen, besteht nicht. Nicht wahr? Umgehend wurde ein Erscheinungstermin mit dem Verleger vereinbart. Manche entwickelten sich zu wahren Laufwundern. Die Fellows stammen aus unterschiedlichen Kulturen, rechnen sich sehr diversifizierten Disziplinen zu und pflegen, wie man mehr oder minder schnell bemerkt, sehr eigene intellektuelle Leidenschaften. Rasch bildet sich bereits im Verlauf der ersten Wochen ein Archipel heraus, das sich zu Inselgruppen und Konstellationen anordnet.

Wie in jedem Archipel: Alles arbeitsberichte Eine Welt im Kleinen. So entwickelte sich ein Jahr, in dessen Verlauf nicht nur ich kontinuierlich an Gewicht gewonnen habe. Manche Inseln sind dominant, andere kaum am Horizont auszumachen. Die Inselliteratur intensiviert das Erleben auf den Erkundungsfahrten durch die Insel-Welt und zeigt die erstaunliche Konstanz bestimmter Konstellationen auf. Neue Kartierungen von Wegen des Wissens, die zuvor kaum bekannt waren, sind dabei entstanden.

Ein Beginn. Jahrhunderts arbeitet, kann seine Ziele nicht verfolgen, ohne sich selbst auf den Weg zu machen. Letztlich ein Versuch, den im ersten Band vorgelegten Entwurf einer Literaturwissenschaft ohne festen Wohnsitz in einer konkreten Forschungs- und Vortragspraxis auszuloten oder zumindest zu simulieren. Ein Ende Jenseits eines rein scientifischen Zweckes musste mein Wiko-Band die Form einer Spirale erhalten, die sich mit der Spirale des ersten Bandes zu einer Doppelhelix verbinden sollte. Nein, nicht noch einmal von vorne anfangen, sondern etwas beginnen.

Dann packen wir ein, was von einem Jahr geblieben ist: Das Zimmer ist wieder leer. His research has investigated the neural control of limb movement in primates. This includes studies of monkeys ability to volitionally control the activity of brain cells, the functional organization of motor cortex cells controlling forearm muscles, the activity of spinal interneurons during hand movement, neural network modeling, and the development of an implanted recurrent brain-computer interface.

This work is described in over research papers and book chapters. My sabbatical at the Wissenschaftskolleg began with the exhilarating realization that I was completely free to pursue whatever interested me for the next 10 months. Back in real life, constrained by incessant duties, I sometimes gave myself a birthday gift of taking the day off to do whatever I wanted now I found myself doing this every day! I clearly recall sitting in my luxurious Villa Walther suite, enjoying some favorite delicacies from KaDeWe, listening to Beethoven, relishing my total freedom to pursue new creative directions, and realizing I ve died and gone to heaven!

Particularly exciting for me was the opportunity for new creative explorations at the intersection between my primary interests: neuroscience and art. My Wiko project involved learning to use graphic techniques to represent the cognitive functions of the brain. My career as a neurophysiologist has been driven by an enduring passion to understand the mechanisms underlying the remarkable functions of the brain. The neural networks in the brain effortlessly perform common miracles of conscious perception, controlling volitional movements, and generating complex thoughts.

This is all done with neurons. Neuroscientists have learned much about neural mechanisms in the brain, described in arcane papers accessible only to the initiated. My second great interest in art had always been relegated to a hobby, and relatively neglected for lack of time. Now I was keen to explore artistic representations of brain mechanisms. From the representational perspective, I thought that collages of graphic images could communicate the functions of the brain to a broad audience by exploiting the power of associations between juxtaposed images.

From the aesthetic perspective, the mysterious relationship between mind, brain, and world seemed to have largely unexplored evocative power. Thanks to the Wissenschaftskolleg, I finally had the chance to actively combine these two interests in the brain and art. During my stay at Wiko, I proposed to produce collages that express the operations of the brain in various fields of intellectual endeavor, using Wiko Fellows as subjects.

The idea was to incorporate images representing their cognitive activities collaged with images of the cortical areas and neural networks involved in performing those functions. These images, which Rick generously shared, lend themselves perfectly to representations of brain waves and reverberating neural activity. The accompanying figure shows the current version of a collage depicting the cognitive processing in Rick s brain. Another collage, shown elsewhere in this volume, presents the intellectual activities of the Wissenschaftskolleg as analogous to the creative operations of the brain in both cases, communications between the components generate new insights and associations.

The background is a mosaic of the supporting Wiko staff, who nurture these activities. My initial assumption that any and all printed images are fair game for artistic appropriation was quickly dashed by the discovery that such pictures are protected by copyright restrictions. This impasse led to the revelation that the world is full of interesting images to be freely captured by the camera, which led to new adventures in digital photography. Viewing the world with an eye for interesting compositions, I gained a new appreciation of the layered meanings in everyday scenes and the aesthetic resonance between art and life.

Horst generously invited me to vacuum these images up into my hard drive, and in appreciation I created a photomosaic portrait of Horst composed of images from his collection. At the beginning of my year, ideas about possible collages and interesting multimedia pieces came in exciting torrents.

Of course it turned out to be easier and more exciting to conceive of these projects than to carry them all out. The seemingly unlimited time to pursue diverse projects and master the requisite techniques went by all too quickly. Around May came the rude awakening that time was running out too fast to complete all those wonderful works. Still, I had launched many projects and learned some lessons about the time it takes to bring ideas to the point of presentation.

One of the works begun at Wiko but still in progress is the glass brain project. The centerpiece is a large slab of thick glass in the shape of a cross section of the brain. Thanks to the skills of a glass artist in Seattle, this contains bubbly inclusions resembling neurons. The patterns of propagated waves of activity are rendered by computer animation techniques.

Working with Rick Heller, who had developed algorithms for visualizing the propagation of quantum waves, we modified his MatLab program to represent waves of neural activity propagating in the brain, incorporating appropriate brain-shaped boundary conditions. The glass slab and monitor needed to be mounted in an appropriate enclosure, and a talented relative living in Berlin constructed a beautiful custom frame, allowing additional modes of illuminating the glass brain.

The whole enclosure will be covered with collages of neural images and the piece is actually getting closer to completion. A particularly valuable part of my Wiko experience was participation in the stimulating discussions of our Bildwissenschaft group. Coming from diverse disciplines, the members opened my eyes to new and varied perspectives on the history and philosophy of images in art.

I discovered an immediate rapport with Karl Clausberg, who appreciated the central role of brain mechanisms in understanding the visual arts and has written extensively on this theme. Another collage in the works represents Karl s brain, exemplifying his ideas on hemispheric specialization and pictorial composition. We still plan to incorporate some fmri images of Karl s brain testing its own theories. I also enjoyed the prolific perspectives of Tom Mitchell, whose awesome talent for imaginative association and expression is a natural wonder.

Thanks to the invaluable help of the Wiko staff, the Picture Boys assembled an excellent mini-symposium of colleagues to explore issues of image science. This led to many new and invaluable contacts. During my year I became involved in making videos, initially motivated by the need for animations to represent the dynamics of neural activity mediating thought and perception.

This involved combining video clips of events at Wiko and in Berlin, still images and audio using the editing program Premiere Pro. Needless to say, the time to learn these new techniques and to mix the material was only available through the unique freedom provided by Wiko. The result was Wiko Mix 04 05, a video collage whose world premiere was the farewell party. The enthusiastic response has encouraged me to add more material and Unfug. Repeatedly reviewing the video footage of events at Wiko during the editing, I was struck by the massive amount of information and experiences that we were exposed to during the year, compared to the miniscule amount that one can actually remember.

An account of my liberating year at Wiko must include a memorable experience in spontaneous mind opening. One evening walking home from a stimulating discussion, I stopped to sit on a bench by Koenigsee, and experienced a remarkable epiphany. Suddenly my thinking mind was totally displaced by the vivid scene before me, and consciousness opened to the incredible complexity of what was happening here the rustling leaves in the huge branches swaying with the wind, a choir of birds loudly chirping their antiphonal chorus, the fading twilight rippling on the water.

With all conceptual thinking silenced, I was completely transported to the paradise of present reality seen clearly. Since then, the memory of this ecstatic experience has served me well. The birds still call me through the window of my mental prison, to remind me of the liberated state and sometimes their wake-up calls even dissolve the walls again. My partner, Wendy Nakao, visited several times during the year and also fell in love with Berlin. On her first visit in January, we considered escaping the anticipated cold by flying south, but luckily we stayed in Berlin, which was much more enriching and turned out to be unseasonably warm.

One memorable weekend in Hamburg, we enjoyed the Clausbergs special hospitality and marveled at Karl s quirky collection of his surreal creations. Wendy s second trip in June provided an opportunity to explore many additional venues and visit her Zen colleagues in Berlin and Poland. My stay at Wiko provided welcome opportunities to see many German relatives again and even host a mini family reunion.

My son Ethan came over for a month to discover the wonders of Berlin. We also drove to my birthplace in Zwenkau, south of Leipzig, where a friendly Rathaus official quickly produced my birth certificate and provided a notarized copy. For me the re- election of George W. Bush was a profound disappointment it meant continuing the nightmare of living with this ignorant and arrogant man as president. Also distressing was the degree to which an aggressive minority had seized power and manipulated the country to its ends, brainwashing a deplorably ignorant population through slick and deceptive propaganda, and systematically dismantling democratic government.

Witnessing the descent of my country into its own form of fascism from the vantage of Berlin offered some unique insights. Seeing the movie Der Untergang, about Hitler s last days in Berlin, I was struck by the uncanny parallels between the devious strategies of the neocons and the Nazis, in fomenting war and exploiting fear and nationalism to incrementally rescind civil liberties.

Devoted supporters in the movie also illustrated the seductive power of a headstrong leader, who is followed blindly despite his dangerous delusions. At the same time, Berlin also ameliorated my despair at the political decline back home: seeing the many displays around Berlin and Wannsee that candidly documented the Nazi regime, I realized how far Germany has risen from its nightmare.

Hopefully America will also recover from the disastrous policies of the mendacious Bush administration and will restore rational values and democratic principles. For me, the daily interactions with so many intelligent Fellows and visitors was a profoundly enriching experience. Each meal at Wiko was a stimulating opportunity to communicate intimately with accomplished colleagues and to pick their brains about their views and expertise.

Conversely, I also enjoyed the remarkable experience of having many new insights that these discussions called forth from me I found myself expounding on issues that had never had the proper context to be articulated. So my Wiko experience turned out to be liberating in many ways. It allowed me to break out of the straightjacket of professional routines and explore new creative initiatives.

It expanded my perspectives through innumerable stimulating experiences in the arts and humanities. It allowed me to learn new techniques of collage and video that I would never have had the time to acquire. This experience has also empowered me to pursue new creative directions in the future. I am profoundly grateful to have had this transforming Wiko experience. Thanks must go first of all to the masterminds who created and, through the years, sustained this intellectual utopia. More immediately, I thank the outstanding expert staff dedicated to ensuring a successful and productive experience.

I particularly appreciated the infectious enthusiasm of Reinhart Meyer-Kalkus, who consistently supported my projects. The library staff arbeitsberichte The expert computer group was always available for required fixes and helpful advice. The essential contribution of dedicated staff behind the scenes, in the kitchen, administration, etc. In short, my initial epiphany was confirmed: I clearly had gone to heaven, and find myself enriched and transformed for it.

He got his Ph. From there, he switched continents and biological kingdoms to go to Rice University, Houston, Texas to study the social life of slime moulds with Joan Strassmann and Dave Queller. While in Texas, Kevin also developed wider-ranging interests in the general theory of evolution, especially as it pertains to social behaviour. Kevin left Rice to be at the Wissenschaftskolleg and on leaving Berlin will take a short fellowship in Helsinki before moving to Harvard as a Fellow in Martin Nowak s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics.

The Wissenschaftskolleg yearbooks are full of the Fellows vivid accounts of their experiences and, like you, I have only had time to read a few. But immediately one is struck by the challenge in writing ones own report. How is it possible to say something new or distinctive? Against this charge, I have but one perhaps dubious asset; I was the youngest Fellow to date.

It all began on a cold winter s day in Guildford. I was back in the UK from Houston on a visit to my parents in my hometown of Portsmouth. Well it turned out that Francis Ratnieks, my former Ph. In his message to me, he said rather cryptically that he had something he wanted to talk about. So we decided to meet up and in a room surrounded by what arbeitsberichte It was here that Francis mentioned that he had been invited to spend a year in Berlin and perhaps I would like to come along.

My time in Texas would be coming to an end by then and the idea of working again with Francis was very appealing. I agreed. I remember my first moments at the Wiko vividly. The taxi ride from Tegel was with a very nice driver who wanted to chat in the native tongue, which resulted in a very animated dialogue with only one active party.

So rather more of a monologue I suppose. I did my best to nod and smile a lot and to this day I don t know the subject of our conversation. But this played a role in setting the stage and as I shuffled up the front path of the Kolleg, overly heavy cases in hand, I finally realised I had indeed left Kansas well Texas anyway. Within moments though, I was rescued by a staff member who welcomed me and ensured that my suitcases were carried to my Neubau apartment.

This was the first of many wonderful encounters with the staff, who would never cease to amaze me in their generosity and kindness. The transfer to life in Berlin was as painless as could be imagined. Indeed the Kolleg was a haven for the most pleasant of people in the most pleasant of surroundings. Not only the staff but also the Fellows I was soon to learn were, without exception, the finest of folks.

But what was it like to be a young Fellow? My experiences in this regard were nearly all positive. Shared conversation could sometimes be challenging at first as one struggled to find something in common. Adding a generation gap to the subject divide did little to alleviate this and I had to perhaps earn my place in conversations a little more than amongst my normal peers. But, in little time, wonderful personalities emerged from the faces around me and I met some of the most colourful and interesting people that I have yet known. And being the youngster certainly had its advantages, as I could learn from those with wisdom that so greatly exceeded my own.

I am hopeful that this was not all one way and that my attempts to communicate a little of sociobiology were successful. But perhaps my biggest contribution to the Wiko will end up being along with Steve Davis setting up the Wiko climbing club and luring several Fellows to try our irrational passion for scaling lumps of rock. So what did I learn exactly? It is almost certainly too early to say. The diversity of the knowledge gained from a group of Fellows is lasting and likely to be pop up and manifest itself when you least expect it.

That said, what I learned from the members of my focus group is clear. These chats spanned the long breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and incorporated walks to Grunewald with its compulsory meal of Spiegeleier mit Bratkartoffeln. Many projects and papers are the concrete result of this most pleasant of industries.

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Der Nachgang entwickelt sich anders als erwartet Eine Stadt. Wasserburg a. Inn, Salzburger Str. Wolfgang M. Lieder mit Martin Schmid. Butzko; am Geschichten und Rezepte. Mai und 2. Mai Rufen Sie bis Sonntag, Dazu Fotoausstellung von Vreni Arbes Mi 2. Mal verquer, hintersinnig, valentinesk, dann wieder pointiert direkt. Jede Szene wird zur Premiere — unwiederholbar, unvergesslich!

Keine Regeln, keine Grenzen: Alles kann aus allem entstehen Eine zauberhafte Reise durch den Sternzeichen-Kreis. Mit Peter Buchenau und Bella K. Kabarettistin u. Musik: Marc Schmolling. Auf der Theresienwiese musikalisch unterwegs. LOFT Mi Travestie-Comedy mit spitzer Zunge. MusikKabarett, Comedy, Parodie. Kabarett zwischen Comedy und Heizdeckenverkaufsveranstaltung. Mutig und unkonventionell, frei nach dem Motto: Hauptsache absurd und ohne Chansons. Nichts und Niemand bleibt verschont, am wenigsten sie selbst. Kommentierte Darbietung. Tote Tyrannen und lebende Legenden.

Der Kabarettist zeigt seinen feurigen Schutzwall gegen jegliche Versuche der Manipulation. Gesellschaftskritische Politsatire. Comedy mit integrierten Lesungselementen. Musikkabarett vom einfachen Lebensplan und seinen Fallstricken. Charmant, reflektiert, scharf beobachtend. TV-Ausstrahlung jeden Do kostenlose Karten: www. Oberstudienrat K. Eine freche und innovative Show mit 30 Bauchstimmen.

Auch beim Moderation: Andreas Wolf. Comedy gespickt mit Opernarien. OX Sa OX Mi 2. OX Do 3. Nackte Tatsachen. Intelligente Mischung aus Kabarett, Theater, Musik und mehr. Und auf einmal ist es Sommer. Aber das kommt schnell wieder. Fragmente einer Reise, Fragmente einer Zeit. Fotografien von Yvonne v. Schweinitz aus den Jahren und April bis Juli Bilder aus einer vergangenen und friedlichen Zeit und streift so indirekt auch das Thema Einwanderung.

Mai kulinarische Gemeinsamkeiten. Neugierig geworden? Ebooks and Manuals

Alle Museen, Ausstellungen und Termine gibt es hier: landpartie-museen-muenchen. Zum zweiten Mal verwandelt Public Art Munich — kurz und kna-. Und stellt sich so der historischen Verantwortung, indem es die eigene Rolle in der NS-Zeit untersucht. Herkunftsforschung und Aufarbeitung sind noch in vollem Gange, weshalb die Ausstellung eher als Momentaufnahme verstanden werden soll. Bei etwa 2. Das Ergebnis sind zwanzig Perfor- nationaler Ebene. Zentrum der gen. Wer hat den Sport erfunden? Die Los geht es am Montag, den April, Griechen!

Naja, sagen wir so: Sie haben im Olympiastadion. Der Choreograf, ihn miterfunden. Und raschende kennen wir bereits. Aber man liebte den Wettkampfgedanken. Das hat nicht fen sich, um gegeneinander anzutreten. Wie im echten Leben. Schwerpunkt fos hier: pam Zum Beispiel les: Ehem.

April auf Briefmarken. September, Katalog. Barbara Teichelmann. Dynastie um v. Der Betrachter kann sich aktiv beteiligen, indem er digital gesteuert einzelne Bilder entrollt; Begleitprogramm. Familientag So 6. Einmal erlebt. Mit begehbaren 3D-Installationen verl. Jahrhundert und die Geschichte des Alpinismus. Barer Str. Vernissage am Di Zeiler nach Restaurierung in Saal Die Krippensammlung kann bis Internationaler Museumstag am So Orte des Dialogs Do Zum Im Rahmen des Faust-Festivals bis Neuhauser Str.

Die gerahmten Naturaufnahmen hinter Acryl und auf Leinwand werden neben weiteren Bildern von in Bayern heimischen Wildtieren gezeigt verl. Gezeigt werden Portraits der heimischen Flora und Fauna Kabinett, bis Rufen Sie bis Sonntag, Aub konnte sich gegen 13 weitere Kandidaten durchsetzen und leitete seine Gemeinde 45 Jahre lang durch bewegte Zeiten Studienraum, bis AfterworkKH am Mi Was tun! Im Rahmen des Faust-Festivals bis 1. Antikensammlungen ab Ihre Fotografien zeigen mit Beigaben wie Kalebassen, bunten Stoffen und traditionellen Masken die soziale Wirklichkeit arbeitender Frauen.

Haus und Garten stehen unter Denkmalschutz und bilden mit dem Museum ein Gesamtkunstwerk Dauerausstellung. Winfried Nerdinger am April; DOK. Geburtstag des Museums erstmals wieder gezeigt wird. Jahrhundert bis in die Gegenwart nach; Katalog. Vortragsreihe am Mi Under The Stairs. Kann kulturelle Innovation im Museum verortet sein? Eine Ausstellung zum Faust-Festival bis Bilddokumentation im St. Mi - Deutsche Malerei des Werke u. Gestochen scharf: Retrospektive zum Vernissage am Do Atelier: Kreativwerkstatt ab 6 J.

Sonntag nach tel. Friday Late: 4. Dachau, Augsburger Str. Fest der Phantasie am So Gestalt gewordene Gedanken. Eine Idee, die spazieren geht. Oder eine emotionale Momentaufnahme. Kleine Karikaturen. Detaillierte Landschafts- der Gestalt eines Baumes. Und zwar erst dem Jahrhundert bis in die Gegeneinmal frei von jedem Zweck und frei wart. Maler sind darunter, Zeichner, Bildvon Bewertung. Hier werden Ideen ge- hauer, Architekten. Aber auch welche von Heinz Butz geb.

Oder Ines Beyers geb. Und die Einsicht, dass Scheitern nicht bedeutet, dass man gescheitert ist. Kanoldt, Franz Marc oder Beate Terfloth. Kaum zu glauben, aber so ist es. BR-Moderator am So Die Ausstellung zeigt erstmals Aufnahmen der Fotografin von ihren Syrienreisen in den beiden Jahren, in denen Frieden im Land herrschte. Tage der offenen Ateliers Solln am Sa 5. Sozialdokumentarische Fotoausstellung. Eine Begegnung zweier Seiten der argentinischen Gesellschaft bis 8. Ein Crossover verschiedener Medien, darunter Projektionen und digitale Zeichnungen Auch im Performance am Sa Grand Opening am Mo Ein aktueller Beitrag konkreter Poesie, kuratiert von Alexander Steig.

Parallel bis So Vernissage am Fr Dauerausstellung Das Hildebrandhaus. Zum WeltFrauenTag am 8. Refugees Welcome? Vernissage mit Dr. Vernissage mit Anne Kostanda M. Harmonium , Schattenbild go am Mi Vortrag am Sa. Hochdrucke und Zeichnungen Finissage am So In performativen Videos und literarischen Beschreibungen von Erfahrung in der Fremde, die im Zuge des Residency Austauschprogramms in Taipei entstanden sind,. Finissage am Di Auf den hier erstmalig gezeigten Nachlichtbildern sind bei Dunkelheit andere Motive zu sehen, als bei Tageslicht.

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  3. The Chemical Philosophy (Dover Books on Chemistry)!
  4. Ploughshares Fall 2006 Guest-Edited by Ron Carlson;
  5. MA theses 2010 and prior.
  6. Artillerie im Osten (Die Wehrmacht im Zweiten Weltkrieg 1) (German Edition).

Lesung Hans Platzgumer am 9. Vernissage mit Musikperformance am Do Malerei, Siebdruck oder Fotografie. Klangperformance von Viz Michael Kremietz , Architekturzeichnungen bis Neue Werke bis Auf jeden Fall Raum. Die klaren leuchtenden Farben krachen direkt aufeinander. Alles scheint in Bewegung zu sein. Malerei und Fotografie fordern sich schichtenweise heraus und treiben sich gegenseitig an, ohne dass eines gewinnen kann.

Hermann Broch, Visionary in Exile

Meet the artists am Fr Lange Nacht der Musik am Sa Braas, H. Collins, T. Demand, E. Esser, A. Gursky, S. Najjar, S. Waddell, M. Wesely bis 5. Begleitend Themenabende Lesung am Do Performance Sa Parallel eine gesonderte Auswahl an Werken zum Verkauf. Hashimoto verwirklichte seine philosophisch anmutenden Ideen in unterschiedlichen Materialien, wie Bronze, Stein und Holz. Die Konzentration auf drei Jahre ist der symbolische Blick durch eine Lupe, der paradoxerweise das gesamte Werkkonzept erfahrbar macht Baaderstr.

Alte und neue Bilder. Den Umgang von Nutzerdaten sieht man am Beispiel Facebook. Mit der Besinnung auf alte Werte brachte sie diese Dichtung mit modernen Mitteln wieder ins Bewusstsein. Er bedient sich dabei einer archaischen Technik, der Camera Obscura bis Gauting, Danziger Str. Noch heute gibt es in fast jedem Haushalt neben Postkarten auch andere alltagstaugliche Reiseandenken. Souvenirs der eigenen Lebensreise. Thalkirchner Str. Texte und Zeichnungen. Die Ausstellung gibt einen Einblick in die beeindruckende Vielfalt des in der Abgeschiedenheit einer Psychiatrie entstandenen Werks.

Vernissage am Sa Gisela Steinlechner ab bis September. Galerie Britta von Rettberg bis 4. Vernissage am Mi Mein Nachbar aus Neben der Wanderausstellung ist auch ein Lesebuch erschienen bis Remark, Andreas M. Begleitprogramm zum Faust-Festival bis Die Ausstrahlung der Farben in der geheimnisvollen Welt des Wachses. Skulpturen und plastische Grafik. Vernissage am Mi 2. Zwei Seelen Licht- und Bildinstallationen zu Dr.

Faustus, Mr. Diskussion am Di Konzert am 1. Videoinstallation: Tobias Daemgen. Moosacher St. Lesung mit Alex Capus am Do 3. Eine begehbare Installation. Miesbach, Schlierseer Str. Ausgangspunkt der Ausstellung sind Zeitungen. Artist Talk mit Mathieu Wellner am Mo Matthias Weniger. Windlicht basteln ab 10 Jahren. Susanne Frank Jahre. Gisela Steinlechner zur Vernissage. Glasanbau So Ruth Langenberg Alina Langer. Joachim Kaak. Veronika Schroeder. Caroline Fuchs. Mit der Philosophin Rosemarie Winter. Ulrike Kvech-Hoppe Angela Maria Opel Oliver Kase.

Angela Maria Opel. Christoph Engels. Max Tillmann. Treffpunkt: Freitreppe vor dem Schloss Di Inge Kreuz Bayerisches Nationalmuseum. Sigrid Epp. Mitten im Pulverdampf. Mit nur sechs Jahren musste sich der Junge in einer ihm komplett fremden Welt zurechtfinden. Sein Protagonist Nagel hatte aber ganz andere Sorgen. Volkstheater, Die Pendeluhr wechselt die Klangseite mit jedem Ausschlag, dingt auf dem linken Ohr, dongt auf dem rechten.

Nur ohne Anleitung. Der 3-D-. Eine Jack-the-Ripper-Variante. London, Ellen steckt ihn in die Gentleman-Schublade. Ihr Vernunftboykott geht schon Richtung Frauenhaus-Syndrom. Bestimmt verwandelt er sich jetzt wieder in den, der er davor gewesen ist, einen ruhigen untadeligen Gentleman, dem man nichts nachsagen kann. Auch das kommt hier in 3-D. Muffathalle, Und sie wird zu einer anderen Frau. Buchhandlung Lehmkuhl, Mit voller Wucht tritt die Tragik ins Leben von Frieda, die doch eigentlich am liebsten ganz allein vor dem Homeshopping-Fernsehen sitzt.

Buchhandlung Letnter im Rathaus, 2. Sie trommeln Gleichgesinnte zusammen, um binnen Tagesfrist einen Stunden-Comic zu Papier zu bringen. Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus Planegg, Abzocke, geheuchelte Versprechungen, schamlose Ausbeutung: Das kann er. Victors Hirn arbeitet auf Hochtouren. Und was es ausspuckt, sollte man diskutieren. Provokant, rasant, unausgegoren, aber lesenswert. On the Road. Das war einmal. Zu Hause bei Mutti und Eheweib Nr. Und eben darin ist Jack grandios. Jonny Rieder. Deutsche Historie. Die Emanzipationshoffnungen einer klugen Frau in einer eher tumben Machogesellschaft.

Graduate student dissertations and theses

Bernhard Schlink kann so was. Der erste Eindruck: Joann Sfar hat wieder biografisch zugeschlagen. Jetzt startet sie die Saison Festwirten im Vor- ten Klosteranlage, die idyllischen Amfeld online. Isar, alpenlandes. Olching und am Ammersee entlang bis Oberammergau. Noch bis Nach kleiner Pause starten die Brucker am Ansonsten regionale und bayerische Gerichte, Gegrilltes, Brotzeiten u.

In beiden Zelten viel-. Ebenfalls Maisacher Bier gibt es auf dem Olchinger Volksfest vom Eine innovative Klein-. Ganz sicher zum Beginn der Biergartensaison. Der Schweinebraten z. Ein ren hochwertigen Bieren loslegte. Luitpold Prinz dem ganz besonderen Geschmackserlebnis. In Schloss Kaltenberg strahlend helles Bier erzeugen. Musik ab Auch Masskrugschieben und Fasslrollen. Bequem auch mit der S-Bahn erreichbar. Mai, 15 Uhr, im Marstall Landshut.

Und auch die heimische Gastronomie. Fahrenschon Holzkirchen: 9. Fahrenschon Ismaning: 6. Fahrenschon Murnau: 6. Fahrenschon www. Mit Berke Karaer, Ecem Uzun u. Jede Nacht wird sie von demselben Alptraum heimgesucht. Ein psychologischer Thriller. Dorothea Hofmann. Mit Michael B. Jordan, Melonie Diaz u. Reiner Ginzel und der Klavierklasse Prof.